Constantinos Sfikas

Constantinos has guided countless students, adult and senior citizen groups as well as faith based tours to every corner of Greece, not to mention many VIP Hollywood celebrities, among them John Malkovitch, Morgan Freeman and Oliver Stone.

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Upper City (Ano Poli)

Upper City (Ano Poli)

The Old Town or Upper City of Thessaloniki was during the Ottoman period, the most beautiful and most important part of the city. It presents us with an unbelievable variety of Byzantine churches and monuments mixed in with Balkan architectural elements.

Tour route: The Trigonian Tower and Walls, The Gate of Anna Palaiologinas, Vlatadon Monastery, Osios David, Koule Kafe, Byzantine Baths, Prophet Elias, St. Katherine, The Holy Apostles.

*This tour is only available by car.


3 hours



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