Constantinos Sfikas

Constantinos has guided countless students, adult and senior citizen groups as well as faith based tours to every corner of Greece, not to mention many VIP Hollywood celebrities, among them John Malkovitch, Morgan Freeman and Oliver Stone.

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The Macedonian Empire of Alexander the Great

The Macedonian Empire of Alexander the Great

Using the capital city of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, as our base, we will visit the two ancient capitals of the Macedonians, Aiges/Vergina and ancient Pella both boasting interesting sites and museums, as well as the religious center of the Macedonians, Dion, located at the foothills of Mt. Olympus, home of the gods! Also, we will travel to Philippi and the archaeological site and theater and of course, Thessaloniki. with its many museums and monuments which tie it to its long and glorious past!


5-6 days



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