Constantinos Sfikas

Constantinos has guided countless students, adult and senior citizen groups as well as faith based tours to every corner of Greece, not to mention many VIP Hollywood celebrities, among them John Malkovitch, Morgan Freeman and Oliver Stone.

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Ottoman Tour

Ottoman Tour

1430-1912: Ottoman Thessaloniki. An important period for the city and is linked with the following buildings: Bey Hamam (Paradise Baths), Geni Hamam, Alatza Imaret, Hamza Bey, Bezesteni, Louloudadika, Giahounti Hamam, The Ottoman Bank, and Emniet Han.

*Tours that take place by car may also visit the house of Kemal Ataturk, the Ahmet and Mehmet Kapantzi villas, the Geni Tzami as well as the White Tower.


3 hours



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